Our Services

Housekeeping Management

We offer a complete gamut of Services - Total Facility Management. Your assets and satisfaction are our priority. We only use products of the supreme quality and couple it with the latest technology to maintain the beauty of your premise. Our staff is not only trained for performance of the assigned tasks but is also trained in behavioral skills. We inculcate both professionalism and courteousness in our employs to guarantee complete client contentment.

    Mechanized sofa, upholstery cleaning /shampooing.

    Dusting and cleaning all types of Office equipments.

    Floor scrubbing.

Gardening And Landscaping Services

AV Enterprises handles Landscaping, Horticulture Services and enables creating a beautiful environment with the help of our dedicated and trained staff. We aim at infusing an ideal pastoral quality to the premise. The creation and maintenance of the client’s own green paradise is carefully planned by designing layouts and incorporating the latest trends to ensure perfection.

    Daily cleaning and Maintenance of Lawns. Mowing of lawns & disposal of grass.

Facility Management Services

Our expert team unfetters the client from their worries about Electrical , mechanical ,plumbing and carpentry needs. We have professionals to provide solutions for your every need. Ensuring the peace of mind of our client is our foremost concern. We deal with:

    Blocked drains.

    Leakage and sewer damages.

    Damaged Pipe Lines.

    Operation & maintenance of water treatment plants.

Upholestry Cleaning

Expensive and Luxurious carpets or sofas enhance the beauty of any living room or office. They are items of great utility, aesthetic and help to elevate the grandeur of the interior space. Daily use of these very magnificent and elegant furnishings can take a toll on their appearance. AV Enterprises endeavours to make sure that they continue to grace your personal and professional space. Regular and thorough cleaning by our expert team of trained technicians help to extend the longevity of your carpet and also safeguard your investment. Our employees are aware of the exact amount of pressure to use while cleaning and the quality of cleaning products to be used for the best results. The cleaning process is carried out without over wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue. A little negligence can lead to fading which will lead to premature replacement.

Manpower And Placement Services

The most valuable assets of any company are it’s employees. The biggest challenge for any industry is to handle labour, to ensure smooth functioning and avoid legal hassles. Our years long experience enables us to understand the customer requirement and provide the skilled, semiskilled, unskilled, technical or non-technical work-force. We are involved in providing Placement Services. Our Extensive Market Research, experience, contacts and consumer oriented approach aids us in identifying the actual and potential needs of our clients as well as providing them a pool of suitable candidates to choose from.

Security Services

Security is the principal necessity as well as a matter of constant anxiety for all individuals. Security of our business, party or loved ones is of primary importance for everybody. AV Enterprises aims to ease its customers by providing strong and dependable personnels for the job. We have tried to perfect the process of recruiting, training and managing the security force to provide maximum psychological satisfaction and physical protection to our clients.

Facade Cleaning

Sky Scrappers are a marker of prestige and status. They appeal to the eye and at once create a favorable impression in the mind of a potential consumer, thus such a building has also become a necessity for a successful business. AV Enterprises provides Façade cleaning services for the high rise buildings to keep them shining and tidy. We have a highly skilled and experienced workforce along with all the required machinery, tools and safety equipments for the task of Façade cleaning. It is cautiously done under the close supervision of the trained professionals.

Pest Control Services

A clean official premise is the key to success. It catalyses the intellectual abilities of the proprietor as well as creates a favorable notion in the minds of the clients. We aim at providing a pest free environment to our customers. Preventive measures and effective treatment of pests is very essential. We solve the problems of Presence of Pests, Rodents & Termites such as flies, bugs, ants, roaches, and mice in premises and create a healthy environment. As only in a healthy body resides a healthy mind which is of utmost importance for progress in life. The process involves spraying the entire drainage and surrounding area with special emphasis on pantries, canteen, cupboards, stores, main holes and toilets etc.

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